UnOriginal Sin


Though I was skeptical at first, mainly because of my general disinterest with Marvel’s bigger heroes, I have completely fallen in love with Jason Aaron’s Thor.  After reading the four volumes of Thor: God of Thunder, I have long waited to start reading the new female-led Thor, which I have been collecting since its beginning so that I could jump right in when I was caught up.  Yesterday I finished the fourth volume and today I plopped won Thor #1, excited to get up to speed.  It was in its lengthy text intro, all of which seemed foreign to me, that I figured out that Original Sin was actually integral to the Thor storyline.  It does not go directly from Thor: God of Thunder to Thor #1 like any sane person would assume, but instead I have forty odd issues of Original Sin to go through.

I had actually been collecting Original Sin for some time with the hopes of reading it in the future, but it was pretty low on the priority list.  I guess it just got bumped up.  I am still ankle deep in Infinity, which I am not overly impressed with, and so I am really hoping that Original Sin is a little more my speed.  I am not well versed in the Marvel mythology, am incredibly confused in general by Marvel Cosmic, and most of the Marvel heroes are a little much for me(as the blog title infers, I was always more of a Vertigo chap growing up).  So I am going to start piling through that soon, which mean posts and reading orders from original sin will follow.

Jesus.  I guess I’ll have to figure out what a Watcher is and why the fuck Nick Fury needs to kill him…

Er–I mean, spoiler alert.

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