DC Convergence: Miniseries, Complete Tie-Ins, and New and Ongoing Series

Convergence #0

Convergence #0

DC has finally announced its 2015 event to stand up to Marvel’s universe shattering Secret Wars and Battleworld, and it may be just as complicated and continuity breaking.  Intended to completely alter, or possibly even end, the New 52 continuity, Convergence is a multiversity storyline in the vein of many of the different Crisis crossovers.  There are a few key things that are happening here:

-Convergence will be a nine-issue(including issue #0), weekly miniseries starting in April.

-It will put all current ongoing DC series in DCU continuity on temporary hold.

-It will be matched by 42, 2-issue miniseries crossover events from regular DCU titles and ones that are new.

-Each of these two-issue pairs will include characters from different continuity points, with a number returning to pre-New 52, pre-Flashpoint continuity.

-Convergence should be a culmination of both the THE NEW 52: FUTURES END and EARTH 2: WORLD’S END weekly series, both of which will end right before its beginning.  Batman Eternal’s first run will be over by this point, and we don’t know when it will return.

-Miniseries will be written by TV writer

For someone like me who was not so into superhero books period to understand the details of this continuity then this is extremely confusing, mainly as to what I should read so I know what is happening when the event is finished.  The forty titles have a great array to them, and it looks like there will probably be some real treasurers here given the writers and artists attached.

Each of the Convergence titles will be available with the regular cover, as well as the standard variant cover by Chip Kidd.  These utilize an older-appearing image of the character fading into a color gradient.

Batman: Shadow of the Bat

Batman: Shadow of the Bat

The 40 tie-ins for Convergence, with artist and writer, are:

(Note: Descriptions are taken from DC Comics directly.)

Week 1

Our favorite podcast, Comic Geek Speak, did a great Comic Talk episode looking forward to the event.


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