Writer Jamie S. Rich Becomes Vertigo Senior Editor

Screen shot 2015-04-10 at 10.43.09 AM

Famed comics writer Jamie S. Rich, which people probably recognize from his recent hit from Dark Horse, Lady Killer, is going to be joining the team at Vertigo as their Senior Editor.  Confirming it in a Tweet recently, he said that there is “Lots of exciting things in the works.”  He may be referring to rumors coming out of last year that Vertigo is going to see a rebranding and overhaul, which it desperately needs as companies like Image and Oni take properties that would previously be theirs.  This is not a new type of position for Rich who was working on the editorial staff at both Dark Horse and Oni, owing to the “indie comic” street cred that Vertigo desperately wants to co-opt.

What does this mean for Vertigo?  Are they going to try to follow the lead of indie leaders?  Will they bring on well known writers on their staff to increase quality submissions?  We have yet to see how they plan to live up to their rumors in 2015.

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