Who is Playing Who in the Coming AMC “Preacher” TV Show

The long-awaited Preacher television show is finally coming to fruition.  It has been rumored for years, but it needed the Golden Age of television premium drama and crossover hits like Walking Dead to show the way.  Finally, one of the most offensive and wonderful comics to ever grace Wednesdays is on its way to the small screen.

We are lucky that this is actually coming our way after such a shaky development history.  Electric Entertainment first made an attempt at this with Garth Ennis writing the script, but after he did three drafts the money was just not there.  Miramax then picked it up, then quickly passed it to HBO after money could not be secured for such a controversial project.  HBO got the closest, even putting together a series bible, but eventually it was scrapped for “being too dark.”  When you are just too dark for HBO, you know you have got something.

Actors have been lined up for the project, which is being brought to the screen by none other than Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.  Official reports have been coming in from the studios over the last couple months, so we have compiled what we know so far about “who is playing who” in the Preacher TV show.

Ruth Negga as Tulip


Joe Gilgun as Cassidy


Ian Colletti as Arseface


Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer


Lucy Griffiths as Emily Woodruff (New Character)


This is really all we have for sure at this point, though they will be casting Sheriff Root and Eugene very quickly.  It should also be noted that there will be some straying from the series, which is not what most hardcore fans want to hear especially after the large failures with Constantine, iZombie, and the upcoming Lucifer.  On the other hand, this creative turn is something that Garth Ennis thoroughly supports, so hopefully any digressions will just be thoughtful directions rather than attempts at censoring the difficult content.

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