“Strange Sports Stories” #2 From Vertigo Includes LGBT Twist, Exclusive Preview Panels

LGBT readers and allies are happy to see some of the fun turns toward inclusivity in the coming second issues of Vertigo’s weird new anthology miniseries, Strange Sports Stories.  Drawing on a retro concept and bringing it into the 21st century, Strange Sports Stories is similar to Vertigo Quarterly in that it provides a vague theme for creators to develop unique, and often sci-fi inspired, short stories.  Issue #2 will include the stories “Not Allowed to Play Ball” by Tim Fish & Michael J DiMotta and “Les Boules de Mal” from Gabe Soria & Ron Wimberly, use the stories as an avenue for queer storytelling in a way that builds on its unique reputation.  LGBT inclusivity has been a hallmark of recent mainstream comics, but we are seeing Vertigo try to take on queer storytelling in a way that indie comics have for years.  This is a happy change for mainstream publishers like DC, and we are hoping this continues as the classic gender roles and orientations of superheroes and their company can be challenged.

These panels were originally released at The Advocate, which gives us a sense of how widely this release is being felt in the LGBT comic community.

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