Vertigo’s “Hinterkind” and “Dead Boy Detectives” Canceled


On the recent solicits, both Hinterkind and Dead Boy Detectives are missing from upcoming lists.  The last known solicit for Hinterkind is with issue #18 in May, letting us know that it would be the last one.  Issue twelve was the last issue of Dead Boy Detectives, confirmed by DC / Vertigo.  These were both low selling books, rarely breaking above 5-6,000 units.  This is not excessively low for a Vertigo book, but it may be difficult for them now to compete with many of the “mature readers” books over at Image.  This may be a part of the revamping that is stated to be happening with Vertigo, though we have not seen massive increases in titles on the horizon.

It is the end of both series, so it would make sense to see a major conclusion in Hinterkind #18.  Dead Boy Detectives could theoretically return after Fables #150 comes out, but it is surprising to not see it anywhere in the distance.  Given the way publishing on these types of titles have been having these days, it is quite possible that they will come back in short sequel series at some point in the future.  This would make the most sense for Dead Boy Detectives since they are re-occuring Vertigo characters.

Could this be the end?

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