Frank Miller Doing Another “Batman: Dark Knight Returns” Sequel

DC is now announcing that Frank Miller will be penning The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, a follow up to the landmark Dark Knight Returns and the lackluster Dark Knight Strikes Again.  The comic miniseries, which will run eight issues publishing twice a month, will be co-created by Brian Azzarello, of 100 Bullets fame.  The artists have yet to be announced, but the two have been working on the script and story for the last six months.

The title may be ominous to many who have seen Frank Miller’s work turn to far-right politics in the recent past, so this may be the start of a number of jokes about the writer.  At the same time, recent appearances have shown him in ill health and he has not published a significant work in many years.

So, who knows how this will turn out, but either way it is exciting to see the man who redefined Batman back at the wheel.

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