Watch Entire First Season of ‘Constantine’ for Free

Now that the first season of the NBC adaptation of Hellblazer, Constantine, has come to a close, the thirteen episodes are now available for you to re-watch.  This is a way of promoting the show after the fact, but only for a limited time.  Unlike many of the premium channels, the networks do not give you a free-wheeling access to all of their shows in an On Demand format since they really want to drive you to the more traditional format such as watching the show when its on so that the advertising space on the show remains valuable.

You now can watch the entire first season of Constantine for free at,, or on VOD depending on your cable subscription.  This access to the first season is for a limited time only, however, and will disappear after May 6th.  So if you are interested in checking out the show, do it quickly.

Now that the first season has completed we can finally say with confidence that it was a let down, just as we thought it would be.  Something like Hellblazer was built for AMC or HBO and should not have been dumbed down to a network procedural.  Once Preacher is released on AMC we will hopefully see how a Vertigo property can be done right, and how all other ones should be.

Watch the First Season of Constantine for Free

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