Warner Brothers Announces Upcoming Film Based on ‘Infinite Horizon’ from Image Comics

Image Comics, who has been having a graphic literature renaissance as of late, is going to be seeing a lot of films made from properties that may have been ignored a few years ago.  The most recent announcement comes from Warner Brothers who is beginning development for a film based on the Infinite Horizon six-issue miniseries from Image Comics.  This miniseries from Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto, based in part on The Odyssey, came out sporadically from 2007 to 2011, and was nominated for an Eisner Award.  The original solicitation reads:

A soldier’s long journey home after years of war in the Middle East. In the not-too-distant future a small group of abandoned soldiers are lead home by one man: The Captain. To get back he will have to cross half the globe and endure deadly encounters with many enemies including the Cyclops, and the Sirens…but first he will have to survive the final hours of the war!

It is debatable how close they will run to the source material, but it is already built with a common thematic storyline and we often find epics with dramatic structures inspired by that of The Odyssey or other classic epics.  This may also be the beginning of people looking more towards graphic miniseries as possible film properties, which will buck the trend towards only serialized superhero properties as being successful adaptation properties.

If you are interested in getting ready for the film, start out with the acclaimed miniseries in trade paperback.

Infinite Horizon

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