NBC’s ‘Constantine’ Gets Canceled After First Season

It looks like this last couple weeks of online viewing on sites like Hulu were not enough to save it.  Constantine has been canceled and will not be renewed for a second season on NBC.  The adaptation of Hellblazer and Constantine from Vertigo and DC, respectively, took a much more “procedural” tone than many would have liked.  Hellblazer was the longest running “mature readers” title over at Vertigo when it was canceled and moved over to the main DCU as the more mild-mannered Constantine.  The television show bucked many of the darker occult themes and lacked much of the intense quality that made Hellblazer such a cult hit.

The show will now be moved from its Friday night slot on NBC over to SyFy, which is owned by NBC/Universal.  Perhaps it will find a nice home on basic cable syndication.

Hopefully this will be a wake-up call to DC to stop bringing their titles to the lowest common denominator at the networks and instead take a quality adaptation at one of the premium channels.  With Lucifer coming soon, we really hope that they can divert away from the failures of Constantine.

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  1. Vertigology

    […] not WGN can actually handle a property like this.  Fox’s recent attempt at both Lucifer and Constantine were embarrassing misfires to adapt adult and complex properties to a very dumbed down and censored […]


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