Vertigo’s ‘Lucifer’ Is Officially Coming to Fox, Turns it Into a Police Procedural


Following suit with the recent flurry of DC comics coming to network television, Fox has purchased episodes of Lucifer for its first season.  For those who may have actually been up on the series, this may come as a surprise for network television.  Lucifer the comic came as a spin-off character from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, and followed Satan as a mythological and fantasy character.


So what is Fox doing with Lucifer exactly?  I’m sure that ‘turning it into a police procedural’ was not your first answer.  Written by Californication creator Tom Kapinos and directed by Len Wiseman, the show basically follows as Lucifer gives tips to the LAPD so they can solve crimes.  That’s right, let’s watch as they ruin one of our favorite Vertigo series even more thoroughly than they did with Hellblazer.  They are still currently looking for a showrunner, though it is doubtful the basic format will change.

Will Lucifer last longer on Fox than Hellblazer did on NBC?  There is no reason to think so as an adaptive property, but as a show that is relatively independent from its source material there are some possibilities.  That being said, we still would like to see Lucifer come to television, and this abomination will likely stop us from ever seeing a proper adaptation.

When will DC drop the networks and do these adaptations right?


Feel like reading the real Lucifer storyline?  Start here:



Lucifer Book One

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