Arthur Suydam Issues Rude Statement on Comic Con Controversy, Then Demands Websites to Take It Down

Arthur Suydam is working hard to outdo himself as the comics douchebag of the year.

After the recent controversy where Suydam stole several other creators’ tables to make his own set-up at Montreal Comic Con, superstar creators like Mark Waid were outraged and there was a general call-out of him across the industry.  After an apology went out, that was more insulting than nice, the creators’ who had their tables stolen spoke out again, and even more people showed that Suydam had been photoshopping his press photos to make his tables look more busy than they actually were.  This was an attempt to justify his table stealing, which it clearly doesn’t.

Today, Suydam’s booking agent released a public statement on the controversy and events.  Only a couple hours after that statement was released, they demanded that comic news websites take it back down.  According to  Comic Book Resources:

A statement by Arthur Suydam on this past weekend’s Montreal Comiccon controversy that previously appeared in this article has been removed at the request of his booking agent. The statement, which was sent to multiple individuals in the comic book industry including a CBR reporter, cited a day-before-show change in floor plans as the reason for the issue, in which Suydam was accused of stealing other comics creator’stables at the convention’s Artist Alley. The statement also alleged potential tension between American and Canadian artists at the show. Suydam’s agent subsequently informed CBR that the email was not intended for publication.

We were actually able to find the apology and boy, is it a piece of epic douchebaggery.

The Montreal show changed its floor plan on Thursday, the day before the show, however they didn’t send out notification and only the 5 American artists at set up time on Thursday nite knew of the table placement floor-plan change.

The next day at show-time the Canadian artists unfortunately began hearing from a singular trouble-making fan artist who wasn’t there at set up who began spreading fabrications to the artists and online that the American artists at the row-end were taking their tables (and guess who that lucky artist on the end was).

The fan artist wasn’t in the loop on Thursday and so knew nothing. This is the guy who sat across from us all weekend long at his table with no fans and no one paying him any attention while the crowds flocked to the American artist’s tables.

Then the low-I.Q. online crowds, too lazy to check facts more interested to turn simple misunderstandings into an opportunity to create some trouble jumped in .

The show promoters have since come out and corroborated these facts.

Yep.  This guy is a real piece of work.  Which is funny, because work is exactly what he doesn’t get anymore.

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