Peyton Reed Talks about ‘Ant Man”s revised Script, the New Microverse, and How it is a Heist Movie [VIDEOS]

Ant Man is not the character that any of us thought that Marvel Studios would be making next.  Now as the release date is less than two weeks away, people are getting pretty excited to see what the studio and Peyton Reed intend on doing with the property.  Will this continue the credibility that Marvel Studios has had with all of its major releases?

In a recent interview, Ant Man director Peyton Reed discussed exactly how much of the original Edgar Wright script ended up being in the final film as well as the new focus on the heist aspects and the microverse.

I read all of the existing drafts that Edgar and Joe wrote. It was clearly Edgar and Joe’s idea to make this a heist movie and to sort of loosely base it on Marvel Premiere “To Steal an Ant-Man” that introduced Scott Lang. It was also their idea to create this Hank Pym/Scott Lang, mentor/mentee relationship. And, also, their idea to kind of do a Marvel movie where the third act battle take place in a little girl’s bedroom. Genius. It was great.

Well, I came on about the same time that Adam McKay and Rudd were doing rewrites. And I’ve known McKay for some time and we talked on the phone and we were both really jazzed about the idea of, in the third act, in a movie in which we will have seen shrinking a bunch, let’s take it even further in the third act and introduce what, in the comics, was the microverse, in what we call the quantum realm. Creating this moment of self-sacrifice where he has to go into the quantum realm to save his daughter, that was something that was never in those drafts that Adam and I brought to it.

And Adam came up with the idea that in every heist movie, there’s a trial by fire and they’ve got everything in line for the heist, but we need this one thing. Adam pitched that idea of sending Scott on a mission for which he’s not quite prepared and he comes up against another Marvel character. That blew my mind, and particularity with that specific character.

There were also two video featurettes that kind of go into the heist aspects of the project in the making of Ant Man. If you are very concerned about spoilers on this film(but God knows why), then I would skip these ones.

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