New Batman v. Superman Trailer Revealed at SDCC [VIDEO]

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is really the testing ground for the new DC Cinematic Universe, a project that comes after the long and successful history of Marvel Studios.  This new integrated universe will have a real continuity, starting with the few-years-old Man of Steel film.  Now we are waiting for Ben Affleck to don the cape and make us forget Daredevil, and we are waiting intently.  We have had a teaser trailer, but at San Diego Comic Con 2015 the Batman v. Superman panel gave us an exclusive new trailer to wet our appetites.

With this new trailer we actually get a sense of what the film is about, as Superman is being put on trial for the destructiveness of his defense of earth. This is what seemingly births Batman, and what inspires a much younger Lex Luthor. This is ironic given the recent reports that this is much more of a Batman film than a Superman one.

What do you think?



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