Marvel Clarifies New Avengers Teams in the Avengers #0 Anthology One-Shot

With this post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe, being annoyingly called the All-New, All Different Marvel, we are getting a whole new line-up.  This is especially true with Marvel’s flagship: The Avengers.  This has always been a team in flux, with different sub-teams and tangential groups, all with shifting line-ups and new characters.  This is all happening at once, and between new line-ups and new teams, like the female-oriented A-Force, it can be difficult to figure who’s who and what’s what.

Marvel has got you covered.

Right before the new #1s coming out and dominating the charts, we will be offered an Avengers #0 comic that will cover all the new teams.  This is going to be an Anthology format that is going to go into the teams and answer questions about what each book is going to be.  The comics included in this coming anthology one-shot are:

  1. All-New, All-Different Avengers
  2. A-Force
  3. New Avengers
  4. Ultimates
  5. Squadron Supreme
  6. Uncanny Avengers

This is going to be an important comic to pick-up for Avengers nuts, especially since it looks like Marvel is betting hard on the new Avengers titles with superstar creators like James Robinson and G. Willow Wilson.

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