Top Selling Comics For Each Month in 2014

The comic sales numbers, collected by ComicChron, are a great way to see how well comics are doing as a whole, which companies and types of comics are doing well, and, of course, what comes out on top each month.  We decided to collect together the top selling comics for each month in 2014 to see what came out on top, as well as what the best-selling comic was for the entire year.  We have compiled them into an image gallery with the month, the title, the creators, and the sales numbers.

What we saw generally in 2014 is a return of the popular characters, which could also be backed up by superstar creators since known talent came over to popular characters.  Batman dominated this list, which is interesting since it was really Marvel that dominated the top tens.  This took us through both the end of the Zero Year storyline, which was surprising given the fact that many people didn’t like the re-telling of the origin, and the beginning of Endgame(more understandable).  The relaunch of Spider-Man makes sense for the high sales, which was also the best selling issue of the year.  This is because of the huge number of variant covers, the oversized issue, and the fact that Spider-Man remains the most popular character at Marvel.(possibly in comics in general, besides Batman).  Rocket Racoon’s first issue on the list was actually chosen by Loot Crate, a new thing at this point that provides a random issue to their subscribers.  Seeing Walking Dead #132 on the list was the biggest surprise since an indie book almost never comes out on top, especially one that is so adult oriented.  This is again, because of Loot Crate, which is becoming a big player in choosing the top comic for a given month because of a bulk order.

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