‘100 Bullets’ Film Confirmed with Tom Hardy at the Helm

Tom Hardy, the actor who was firing up the screen in Mad Max: Fury Road, is now taking his dream project to the sliver screen: 100 Bullets.

100 Bullets is one of the most acclaimed comics to ever be released by Vertigo, telling crime stories where a person is offered a perfect revenge by using one hundred untraceable bullets.  The project has been discussed many times, often times with writer Brian Azzarello jumping on board as the script writer.  While they are not releasing any details about the film’s storyline, we are being told that it is going to stay very true to the comic series.

Hardy intends on starring in the film adaptation and coming on as Producer.  He has been pushing to produce many of his own projects, including the upcoming Taboo on FX.  Will this be the start of a major series?  Could it spin-off into its own television series?  Only time will tell.

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