‘Fantastic Four 2’ Movie Canceled, Deadpool 2 Greenlighted in its Place

Fox was hoping that the Fantastic Four reboot would be their next big step towards establishing their own Marvel Cinematic Universe, made up of the foundation of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.  Their hopes died officially this weekend after it became one of the worst reviewed movies of the year, with a mere 10% ‘Fresh’ rating at Rotten Tomatoes, and did a disappointingly low $26.2 million for its opening days.  This is, mind you, not an actual low opening, but for massive studios that make superhero movies for the GDP of small nations, then this is a problem.  Part of this was that it had to go up against Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, which is Tom Cruise’s last success, and to compete with the fact that it is simply a bad movie.

What was Fox’s response? To cancel the sequel to Fantastic Four and movie the resources and money over to Deadpool 2.

The first Deadpool film has yet to be released, but based on the popularity of the character and the success of the promotional materials, they expect a huge hit.  The expectation now is that Deadpool 2 will have Cable in it, and may be leading us into an eventual X-Force movie.

But what does this mean for the Fantastic Four?  Fox has already screwed it up twice now, but if they drop it altogether then it means that practical end for their Marvel continuity.

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  1. ~mw~

    I was really hoping for a F4 2. Yes, this movie had its faults, but maybe, just maybe, if Fox hadn’t fired the director and thrown people who had no idea what they were doing into the mix to “fix” the film, the movie would have turned out differently. I think this had potential, it just wasn’t handled well.
    That, and the fact that almost everyone on the internet refused to see this movie solely because they’re hoping the rights will revert to Disney’s Marvel. I’m sick of reboots. Someone in Hollywood just learn how to make a good movie again and get it right the first time!


      1. DJTsurugi

        Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Hero Six, movies that make me feel like the director was passionate about the source material, and not some POS where they decide to pull some stupid shit like make Sue Storm’s twin brother clearly not have any relation to her. (don’t care what the movie story is, I am tired of people taking comic book characters and changing them horribly to fit some strange backwards narrative) I think that’s the big issue people had with the villain in Iron Man 2, he was a mashup of two different characters. ~<3


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