UFC’s Rhonda Rousey Asks to Play Captain Marvel in Upcoming Film

The darling of the week, Rhonda Rousey, is stepping out of the shadows and may be moving into a movie career very soon.  After a key role in the recent Entourage movie, the film made off of the popular HBO series, Rousey went on to win the recent female-UFC fight that has put her on the top of the star-athletics list.  When she was asked about trying to take on a superhero character she said, “A lot of the good ones have been taken, but I’d like to vie for Miss Marvel!”  Most people assumes she meant Carol Danvers, who was previously Miss Marvel and is now Captain Marvel in the current Marvel comics universe.  This is not actually conjecture on our part since she has spoken publicly of her love for nerd-culture like Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Dragon Ball Z, and, of course, Marvel comics.

This is actually a possibility for Rousey as we come up on the Captain Marvel film that is set for 2018.  This is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s major “plan ahead” routine they did recently where we know exactly what direction they are going in through 2020.  If Rousey is going to dawn the starred body-suit and get behind the wheel of a plane, then its going to have to happen soon because filming isn’t going to wait!

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