What Marvel Character is Going to Die in Captain America: Civil War? [Spoiler Warning]

Well, we really hope that you heeded the “spoiler warning.”

Now that we are starting to get details for next year’s Captain America: Civil War, it is looking to be exactly the epic Marvel Cinematic Universe film that we have been waiting for.  Not only will it be putting Iron Man and Captain America against each other in response to the state’s repression of those who are superpowered, but it will also have lasting effects on the continuity of Marvel Studios’ movies.

It has been revealed that Black Panther’s dad T’Chaka, Chieftan of Wakanda,will be making a brief appearance in Civil War.  Then he will be killed, raising Black Panther’s profile.  Those who have been watching news and rumors about the coming MCU movies know that Black Panther will be having his own movie in 2018.  This will add some character depth for that project as well as bring Wakanda into the movie consciousness.

This may not seem like an incredibly major character, but to Marvel Comics fans this is going to be a huge death for the film and really drive a lot of the changes that occur.  Comic properties are not known for killing off major characters and having lasting changes, but this is an example of what they will allow brought to the big screen.

So, whatever major surprises can we expect from Civil War?

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