20 New Cosplay Variant Covers Revealed by Marvel

Marvel has been working hard to push their new line of comic reboots with a number of variant covers, the most high-profile of which has been the recent hip-hop album inspired ones.  The newest nine-up that they have unveiled are inspired by the comic cultural staple, the “cosplayer.”  The term cosplay refers to people who create elaborate costumes to dress as their favorite comic or nerd culture character, often at comic conventions.  This has been a great way of getting a community focus for the comics world, and it has also been critical to creating a non-dude fanbase.

This new line-up takes this as an inspiration and brings it directly back to the comics they are inspired by.  Each cover has a famous cosplayer photographed on it as many of these performers have become celebrities in their own right for their convention work and elaborate costumes.  Below we have a gallery of the first twenty covers that were released.  It also includes the name of the character and the cosplayer.

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