Complete ‘Lucifer’ Reading Order

Shortly the new line-up of Vertigo comics will include a relaunch of the older Lucifer series, which originally started as a character in Sandman before becoming a series in its own right.  This is mean to coincide with a Lucifer television show that is loosely based on the original series, but may have more in common with the new one.

With this in mind we thought we would compile a complete Lucifer reading order for the original character and through his early Vertigo appearances and eventual miniseries and later ongoing series.  We started with the great guide at Trade Reading Order, and then augmented it a bit to our own format and opinions.  We focused on his appearances that stood long before his own series since the character remained very consistent.

1. Sandman #1-8 (Preludes and Nocturnes)

2. Sandman #21-28 (Season of Mists)

3. The Books of Magic #1-4 (Original Miniseries)

4. Sandman #57-69 (The Kindly Ones)

5. Sandman #70-75 (The Wake)

6. The Sandman Presents: Lucifer #1-3

Lucifer #1-13 (Trade includes both the miniseries and first thirteen issues of the ongoing)

7. Lucifer #14-28

8. Lucifer: Nirvana (Prestige One-Shot)

9. Lucifer #29-45

10. Hellblazer #187-193

11. Lucifer #46-61

12. Lucifer #62-75

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