Complete “The Dreaming” Reading Order

For those who were on the Vertigo train in the 1990s, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman set the tone.  Bringing in a strong tradition of mythology and folklore, mixing it with modern fantasy, and creating a mood the erupted from Dave McKean’s covers, this period of Vertigo really is a genre of its own.  After Sandman started the universe, The Dreaming ran deep into the subconscious.  This ongoing series took the world that Sandman created and told further stories of the characters that inhabited “the Dreaming,” some of whom we learned from Sandman.

So what we have done is created a Dreaming reading order by breaking down the component arcs for those who want to know how the timeline breaks down. There are also going to be a couple of possible suggestions for the reader to read ahead, but if you would like to just jump into The Dreaming, you can do that as well.

Prelude to The Dreaming

  • Sandman #1-75 (Complete series)
  • Books of Magic #1-4 (Original miniseries)
  • Sandman: Midnight Theater (Prestige One-Shot)
  • Sandman Mystery Theatre #1-4
  • House of Secrets #1-6 (Vertigo Re-Boot)
  • Swamp Thing #33
  • Sandman Presents The Corinthian Miniseries

The Dreaming Reading Order

  • “The Goldie Factor” (Issues #1 – #3)
Goldie (Abel’s pet golden gargoyle) runs away, as a result of Cain’s constant abuse of his brother, and almost falls prey to Mephisto in Eden. Goldie remains in Eden and does not return to The Dreaming until issue #26. Scripted by Terry LaBan.
  • “The Lost Boy” (Issues #4 – #7)
Features an aged Johanna Constantine as well as Mad Hettie, working with Destiny and Cain. A story of a man losing his life and then finding a better one. Scripted by Peter Hogan.
  • “His Brother’s Keeper” (Issue #8)
Features the long lost brother of Cain and Abel, Seth, who wishes to uncover the truth behind the mystery of Cain’s first murder of Abel. Scripted by Alisa Kwitney.
  • “Weird Romance” (Issues #9 – #12)
Scripted by Bryan Talbot.
  • “Coyote’s Kiss” (Issues #13 – #14)
Scripted by Terry LaBan.
  • “Day’s Work, Night’s Rest” (Issue #15)
Scripted by Jeff Nicholson.
  • “Ice” (Issue #16)
Scripted by Peter Hogan.
  • “Souvenirs” (Issues #17 – #19)
A Corinthian storyline, introducing Echo. Scripted by Caitlin R. Kiernan.
  • “The Dark Rose” (Issues #20 – #21)
A tale of the Corinthian set in the Victorian era. Scripted by Al Davison.
  • “Unkindness of One” (Issues #22 – #24)
A sequel to “Souvenirs”. Scripted by Caitlin R. Kiernan.
  • “My Year as a Man” (Issue #25)
The story of Aristeas of Marmora’s return to life after being Dream’s raven. Scripted by Peter Hogan.
  • The Dreaming: Trial and Error (One-shot Special)
Focuses on Abel accusing Cain of murdering him again and again before Judge Gallows. Scripted by Len Wein.
  • “Restitution” (Issue #26)
Scripted by Caitlin R. Kiernan.[11]
  • “Many Mansions” (Issues #27 – #34)
The House of Mystery burns down. Scripted by Peter Hogan and Caitlin R. Kiernan.
  • “Kaleidoscope” (Issue #35)[11]
A story of W. B. Yeats and Christina Weston, a woman from Lucien’s past.
  • “The Gyres” (Issues #36 – #38)
  • “The Lost Language of Flowers” (Issue #39)[11]
Features an introduction by Neil Gaiman.
  • “Fox and Hounds” (Issue #40 – #43)
Features an appearance by Daniel, the new Dream.
  • “Homesick” (Issue #44)[11]
  • “Masques & Hedgehogs” (Issue #45)[11]
  • “Mirror Mirror”, “Trinket”, “Scary Monsters”, “Shatter” (Issues #46-49)
  • “Restoration” (Issue #50)
The House of Mystery is rebuilt by Merv Pumpkinhead, while Eve and Abel attempt to convince Cain to return to The Dreaming.
  • “Second Sight” (Issue #51)
  • “Exiles” (Issues #52 – #54)
  • “The Further Adventures of Danny Nod” (Issue #55)[11]
Goldie and Danny Nod are featured, interrupting historical and literal moments.
  • “The First Adventure of Miss Catterina Poe” (Issue #56)
Featuring Edgar Allan Poe’s cat.
  • “Rise” (Issues #57 – #60)

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