Frank Miller and Dark Horse Announce New Sin City Comic

Anyone still miss Frank Miller?

The comic giant, known for his erratic behavior, edge work, and near-fascist politics has been out of the comics world for some time.  After disasters like All-Star Batman and Robin, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, and the Islamaphobic Holy Terror, his star was beginning to implode.  He went on to focus on quite a bit of film work, co-directing the two Sin City movies with Robert Rodriguez and taking the helm on the much panned The Spirit film.  It has also been made clear in recent years that he has been having dramatically ill health, likely from cancer treatments.

Even though he has been so criticized in recent years, this shouldn’t take away from his library of sheer talent.  Now feeling better, Miller has been back in the scene with the upcoming release of Dark Knight III: The Master Race.  This brings in the third volume of the take on Batman that changed comics for the better.

Now, though, we have another announcement that may be even more exciting for Miller-o-holics.  Sin City is coming back!

In his recent press panel promoting The Dark Knight III he spoke plainly that he knew Sin City would be his next project, and that it would be a love story set during World War II.  This sets it far in the past by Sin City standards, sort of as a prequel to the rest of the canon.

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