FX Announces “Y: The Last Man” Television Show

It looks like every network is scrambling to get comic properties as fast as possible.  For a period this was only true of superhero books, but as Walking Dead leads all of cable as being a completely unprecedented hit, it looks like the more adult titles are being swooped up as well.

With this in mind, FX is now developing a television series based on the Brian K Vaughn Vertigo classic Y The Last Man.  This is not the first time an adaptation was in the works after New Line attempted to do this all the way back in 2007.  Like many adaptations, the option wen through a beauracratic “development hell” and Vaughn had the rights returned to him eventually.  In an attempt to get things done right, Vaughn is becoming a much more active participant in the development process as he has come on as both producer and writer.  Vaughn already has some television writing credits, most specifically the Stephen King television adaptation Under the Dome.  FX Productions is currently looking for a co-writer to help Vaughn on the project, so if you know anyone…

The series, which tells a story about how a mysterious event kills every man but one, looks at gender interactions, apocalyptic fiction, and the crisis of contemporary politics, all why keeping the human characters and humor that Vaughn is known for.  This project would actually maintain a higher budget than many other Vertigo series, which plays against recent reports that only low-budget projects were coming through Vertigo.

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