Complete List of All 25 Coloring Book Variant Covers, DC Comics January 2016 [IMAGE GALLERY]

DC comics has really created a good niche for their variant covers that maintains the incentive for collectors but avoids the kind of speculative inflation that almost ruined comics in the 1990s.  Instead of releasing a ton of high-priced variant covers, though there are those if you look, they release a theme of variant covers for all of their regular superhero books every month.  Each month is a different theme, like Looney Tunes or the anniversary of a hero like Green Lantern or The Flash.  This coming January, 2016, they have announced a new themed line-up: coloring book covers!

These covers are lined only, designed to look and act like a coloring book.  These covers are available at the same cover price as the regular covers across twenty-five titles, so you can just get your monthly titles in the variant cover if you like it.  Though few collectors will dare deface their books with a little ink, it may be fun to have your favorite artists color the covers instead of doing sketches.

We have collected all twenty-five titles for you below with each cover in the gallery with the corresponding comic title, artist who created it, and the issue number.

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