iFanboy Reviews New Vertigo Release Twilight Children [PODCAST]


In line with the first month of the Vertigo relaunch releases, iFanboy has made Twilight Children their “Pick of the Week.” The book is written by Love and Rockets’ Gilbert Hernandez and celebrated cartoonist Darwin Cook, and tells a ghostly story surrounded on a group of children.  iFanboy has continued to be one of the most consistently great comic book podcasts around, making its way onto our “top five podcasts” list.  We are sharing this episode in support of iFanboy and to add to the discussion about all of the Vertigo releases for the rest of the year.

The discussion outlines why Vertigo’s rebranding may be the best step they could have made to get back into a more relevant position in the “mature readers” community that has recently been redefined and dominated by Image Comics.

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