Vertigo Mini Reviews: The Twilight Children #1

Vertigo needs something to really get back in the game.  Hopefully, its found it.

As most of you know, they are releasing twelve new series in the final quarter of 2015.  These include real powerhouse talents in the world of comics all doing creator-owned, challenging work that is what Vertigo was always known for.

The Twilight Children was one of the most anticipated, a supernatural miniseries set in Latin America written by Gilbert Hernandez and drawn by Darwyn Cook.  This may seem like a dream team up for a project like this, and it absolutely is.  Luckily all of the hype was well deserved as this is one of the best projects that Vertigo has done in years.

The story looks at a couple with a hidden romance in a small town near the Caribbean.  A large floating orb shows up and scares the town drunk before surprising everyone and attracting a certain mystery about what this means for them and their lives.  In an effort to not spoil anything, it is better for us to just comment on how well the story is set up and presented.  The characters are almost stolen straight from the pages of Love and Rockets, with which we mean to say that they are all warm and interesting people.  The art itself is an interesting unity with this, as Darwyn Cook’s colorful cartooning is so engaging in this case that it seems shocking that this pairing has not been happening for years.

This is both of these comics masters at the top of their game, and the only bad thing we have to say is that we wish this was an ongoing series.  It is unclear what direction the story will go at this point, but under it all it will continue to be about the community and the characters at its core.  And this is what Vertigo needs as it was characters and ideas that got it to where it is today.

Now it just needs to reclaim those.

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