Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso Responds to Captain America Controversy

As Marvel releases dozens of new titles in this end-of-the-year quarter, there is plenty for fanboys to argue about on well traveled web-boards.  It is not often, however, that the Fox & Friends morning show throws in their two-cents as well.

After the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, confronted a racial right-wing anti-immigration group in the first issue, closeted racists have been ranting and raving that Cap has abandoned his America.  Pundits across the country have accused Captain America of treason, petitions were started to fire everyone involved, and many people are embarrassingly calling for superheroes to “stay out of politics.”  They may have forgotten that comics have always been political and Captain America is usually a dissenter from the American empire.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources to discuss the new comics and the various stories around them, he responded to questions about the issue, and especially Fox News’ bizarre ranting about the issue.

Look, if you’re going to tell stories about a hero in red, white and blue tights, you’re probably going to talk about the world around you, and it’s going to provoke a negative reaction from someone. That said, Fox News’ reaction kinda made us scratch our heads because it didn’t seem like anyone actually read this issue. I mean, the chief bad guy — a Sons of the Serpent commander — declares himself an extremist that chooses lethal violence over peaceful participation in the democratic process. He is a textbook bad guy on his way to massacring unarmed civilians when Cap swoops down to stop him.

This will not be the last time that Marvel initiates political controversy with their books, which is inevitable when you have comics that have adult maturity and take on challenging issues.  It also says a lot about the defensiveness of the American right as they double down in defense of immigration restriction.

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  1. Mike Hoffman

    “and many people are embarrassingly calling for superheroes to “stay out of politics.” They may have forgotten that comics have always been political” I stopped reading your moronic opinion once you posted this. Comic books have NEVER been political in the 40+ years of my reading them. It just during election years that the losing sides starts grasping at straws and this time around comic books are popular due to the movies so they become the victims of political horse manure. Keep your insanity off my comics!


    1. vertigology

      Actually, most of the Marvel universe has been politically influenced for the last thirty years, but more importantly, we don’t need to have our books turned into weak and watered down children’s fair just because you are too much of a child to handle racists getting what they deserve. You should be embarrassed that what you want is for comics to be nothing more than imaginative drivel without social commentary or depth.

      We also have zero sympathy for you and your racist bullshit. So no, your opinion does not matter, and no, they are not going to dumb down comics just so you can understand them. And thank God for that.


  2. robbushblog

    I’m not sure how wanting comic books to stay apolitical makes someone racist. He didn’t mention race at all. He was speaking about politics in general. I think it’s a given that comic books will be political on occasion. They have since at least the 40s on occasion been so. However, I do not see any problem with a desire to see comic books stay free of politics. Good stories can be told without political allegory. I personally don’t like politics creeping into Archie comics. Is that too much to ask?


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