DC Comics Reveals ‘Dawn of Justice’ Variant Covers for March 2016


DC Comics have instituted a brilliant system for variant covers.  Many people often associate variant covers with the blunder of the 1990s, where flashy and numerous variant covers were released to drive up sales coming from speculation.  This is where people were buying the comics not to read them, but because they thought they would be worth money someday.  Most of them turned out to be worth next to nothing, which caused a massive crash in the industry as they companies were no longer focusing on quality work.

Today, variant covers are still with us, but often more tempered and people are more realistic about what they are getting into.  While Marvel often sets up their variant covers to be sold for much more than the regular issue in retail locations, DC does something different.  Instead, they release monthly themed variant covers, all of which are used to promote a DC related media project, and are sold for the same price as the reuglar issue.  This means that the variant covers can then be an effective advertising and marketing vehicle for DC and its related companies, with recent variant cover projects promoting the anniversary of Looney Tunes or referencing older Warner Bros movies through recreations.  Every month DC reveals a new line-up of variant covers covering a huge number of their superhero books, sometimes with different artists doing them, sometime a single artist does them all(such as recent themes by Darwyn Cook and Neal Adams, respectively).

For the month of March in 2016, DC Comics is using this monthly variant cover opportunity to promote the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  For this they are releasing ten variant covered comics, all polybagged and by their own artists.

The covers and artists for March are:

BATMAN #50 – Polybagged variant cover by JIM LEE
DETECTIVE COMICS #50 – Polybagged variant cover by RAFAEL GRAMPA
BATGIRL #50 – Polybagged variant cover by KEVIN NOWLAN
GRAYSON #18 – Polybagged variant cover by STEPHEN PLATT
ROBIN: SON OF BATMAN #10 – Polybagged variant cover by RYAN OTTLEY
BATMAN/SUPERMAN #30 – Polybagged variant cover by TONY MOORE
SUPERMAN #50 – Polybagged variant cover by KAARE ANDREWS
ACTION COMICS #50 – Polybagged variant cover by MARTIN ANSIN
SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #27 – Polybagged variant cover by CHARLIE ADLARD
WONDER WOMAN #50 – Polybagged variant cover by MASSIMO CARNEVALE

We will have all of the images in a gallery right when they are released to the public.


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