DC Comics Interviews Gerard Way About Young Animal [VIDEO]

With the new “Mature Readers” superhero imprint Young Animal just about to release its first book, the Doom Patrol revival, the rumble is beginning to happen about what is possible.  Young Animal is an imprint in the vein of early Vertigo, where old DC characters are being paired with new ones in a more “Mature Readers” themed corner of the DCU.  Like early Vertigo and pre-Vertigo books, Young Animal is “in continuity” for the DCU, while the current Vertigo state is not(and likely will not ever be again).

The new imprint is the brainchild of former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, who has become a major player in the comics world.  With four new titles coming soon, Way discussed the idea of the Young Animal project, his own background, and what Doom Patrol and Shade, the Changing Girl are going to be like in this new imprint.

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