Best of 2014 Comic Nominations

Right now I have yet to actually narrow down my favorites in all relevant categories for the year, but I still have several for most categories.

Best Writer: Scott Snyder, Johnathan Hickman, Robert Kirkman, Brian K Vaughn, Greg Rucka, Jason Aaron

Best Breakout: James Tynion IV

Best Miniseries: Trillium, The Wake, Bodies, The Numbers, Memetic, Sandman: Overture, Caliban, Auteur, Annihilator

Best New Series: Outcast, Wicked + Divine, Wytches, Afterlife With Archie, Sabrina, Stumptown vol. 3, The Life After, Letter 44, Velvet, Southern Bastards

Favorite “New Edition”: Batman: The Long Halloween Noir, Batman Arkham Asylum 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, Pride of Baghdad Deluxe Edition, Miracleman Marvel Reprint

Best Penciler/Artist: Fiona Staples, Greg Capullo, J.H. Williams, Mike Mignola, Nick Dragotta

Best Colorist: Laura Allred

Best Overall Series: Walking Dead, Afterlife With Archie, East of West, God is Dead, Saga, Revival, Stumptown, Ms. Marvel, Southern Bastards, Lazarus

Best Superhero Comic: Ms. Marvel, Thor: God of Thunder, Batman, Gotham by Midnight, Arkham Manor, Moon Knight

Best Publisher: Image, Oni

Best Licensed Property: Game of Thrones

Best Horror Comic: Outcast, Wytches, Wolf Moon, Afterlife With Archie, Sabrina

Best Single Issue: Afterlife With Archie #5, Bodies #1, Saga #19, Miracleman Annual #1, Southern Bastards #6

Best Comedy Series: Sex Criminals, Tales Designed to Thrizzle

Best Story Arc: Saga vol. 4, Life After 1st vol., Stumptown vol. 3

Best Anthology: Vertigo Quarterly, Dark Horse Presents, Liberty Annual

Best Collected Edition: Dave McKean Dust Covers II, Thor The God Butcher Deluxe

I feel like I’m missing a whole lot, but this is where I’m at right now on 2014.

Most Anticipated Book of 2015: Lady Killer, Suiciders, Fables: A Wolf Among Us, Nameless, Effigy (As well as the rumors of a new Vertigo re-branding)

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