Marvel Infinity Reading Order


So I have never really been that much of a Marvel reader, or traditionally that huge of a superhero reader, but I decided I would dip my toe into the world of Marvel crossovers by getting into the newish Infinity crossover.  Reason being is that I was reading through Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel and it is an intimate part of this crossover, so it seemed as good a time as any.  Generally, being new to this universe and all, it has been pretty confusing.  I have been using the Comics Herald listing, which is a little different than many others.  If you think that there are corrections that should be made to this order, please comment and let us know!

Avengers #14

Avengers #15

Avengers #16

Avengers #17

  • These four issues of Avengers are officially labeled “Prelude to Infinity.” In reality, Jonathan Hickman’s entire Avengers run to date has been a set-up for this moment, and if you have a Marvel Unlimited account, or a desire for completion, I’d really recommend you read the initial Avengers issues as well. Hickman’s approach doesn’t exactly lead to your father’s Avengers, so you’ll be much better suited for these prelude issues and Infinity if you’re aware of the new team dynamics and discoveries.

Infinity #1

New Avengers #8

  • Couple notes here. First, this issue is labeled “Prelude to Infinity” as well. Nonetheless, I’d read this after the first main Infinity issue, as the ending here occurs clearly after the events of Infinity have begun. Second, New Avengers follows the same logic as Hickman’s Avengers. The whole series has led to the moment of Infinity and will be referenced throughout. You can catch up starting here

Infinity: Against the Tide #1 & #2 (Marvel Infinite Digital Comics)

Nova #8 – #9

Avengers #18

Avengers Assemble #18

Captain Marvel #15

Thunderbolts #14-#15

Mighty Avengers #1-#3

Infinity: The Hunt #1 – #4

  • Just a word of warning, this one’s not much of a tie-in until the very end. An interesting concept that’s unfortunately tedious despite writing from Mind Mgmt’s Matt Kindt. If you’re going to engage with it, I’d just knock the whole thing out at once.

New Avengers #9

Infinity #2

New Avengers #10

Thunderbolts #16

Avengers #19

Infinity #3

Captain Marvel #16

  • Events here occur during the events of Infinity #3. There’s some overlap, but I prefer to get my story from the main arc and then fill in the details with this Captain Marvel issue.

Avengers Assemble #19

Infinity: Heist #1

Thunderbolts #17 – #18

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3 – #4

Avengers #20

Infinity #4

Avengers #21

Avengers Assemble #20

New Avengers #11

Infinity: Heist #2 – #4

Fearless Defenders #10

Secret Avengers #10 – #11

Infinity #5

Avengers #22 & #23

Guardians of the Galaxy #8 – #9

Infinity #6

New avengers #12

Wolverine and X-Men Annual #1

Epilogue: Thanos: A God Up There Infinite Comic

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