Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers Reading Order

When it comes to Titan on Titan world-building eschatological dimension shattering, Jonathan Hickman has your superhero fix waiting.  The Hickman run on both Avengers and New Avengers is one of the most involved, mythic, and, yes, confusing, of recent memory.  It set everything up for the collosel Secret Wars event, which really was its conclusion.  For that period the entire Marvel universe hinged on Hickman, and he carried it through in a bizarre feast of iconic flair that was religious in its grandiosity.

One of the issues is how difficult it is to read, mainly because you have to alternate the two series and then integrate each of the corresponding events.  To really get this also requires reading things like Infinity and Original Sin, so luckily we already have you covered on those.  We started with the How To Love Comics reading order and built forward to something that is a pretty complete look at how to read Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers.  We decided to keep it closely allied with the trade paperbacks as a good way to organize it, but keep aware that there are blocks of each New Avengers and the regular Avengers series that will need to be read in that order.

Avengers Volume 1: Avengers World (Marvel Now)

Collects: Avengers #1-6

Artists: Jerome Opena and Adam Kubert.

Avengers Volume 2: The Last White Event

Collects: Avengers #7-11

Artists: Dustin Weaver and Mike Deodato.

Avengers Volume 3: Prelude to Infinity (Marvel Now)

Collects: Avengers #12-17.

Co-writer: Nick Spencer.

Artists: Mike Deodato and Stefano Caselli.

New Avengers Volume 1: Everything Dies (Marvel Now)

Collects: New Avengers #1-6.

Artist: Steve Epting.


Collects: Infinity #1-6, New Avengers #7-12*, Avengers #14-23*, Infinity: Against the Tide Infinite Comic 1-2.

Artists: Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver, Mike Deodato, Stefano Caselli and Leinel Francis Yu.

* These issues are also available in Avengers Volume 4: Infinity or New Avengers Volume 2: Infinity.

Avengers Volume 5: Adapt or Die (Marvel Now)

Collects: Avengers #24-28.

Artist: Salvador Larroca.

New Avengers Volume 3: Other Worlds (Marvel Now)

Collects: New Avengers 13.INH, 14-17.

Artist: Simone Bianchi and Rags Morales.

Avengers Volume 6: Infinite Avengers (Marvel Now)

Collects: Avengers #29-34.

Artist: Leinil Francis Yu.

New Avengers Volume 4: A Perfect World (Marvel Now)

Collects: New Avengers #18-23.

Artist: Valerio Schiti and Kev Walker.

Avengers: Time Runs Out Volume 1 (Avengers (Marvel Paperback))

Collects: Avengers #35-37, New Avengers #24-25.

Artists: Jim Cheung, Stefano Caselli, Mike Deodato, Valerio Schiti, Kev Walker, Nick Bradshaw, Paco Medina and Dustin Weaver.

Avengers: Time Runs Out Volume 2 /h3>
Collects: Avengers #38-39, New Avengers #26-28.

Artists: Kev Walker, Stefano Caselli, Mike Deodato, Szymon Kudranski and Mike Perkins.

Avengers: Time Runs Out Volume 3

Collects: Avengers #40-42, New Avengers #29-30 (Available May 13th)

Artists: Kev Walker, Stefano Caselli, Mike Deodato.

Avengers: Time Runs Out Volume 4

Collects: Avengers #43-44, New Avengers #31-33 (Available June 17th)

Artists: Kev Walker, Stefano Caselli, Mike Deodato.

Secret Wars

Collects: Secret Wars #0-8

Artist: Esad Ribic

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