DC Final Crisis (Grant Morrison) Reading Order

I am finally about to get towards the 2008’s Final Crisis, the mass cross over that came in the middle of Grant Morrison’s Batman run.  This is one of the more massive DC crossovers, one that has been both loved and hated because of Grant Morrison’s complexity and tendency towards the confusing.  I am putting down the complete Final Crisis reading order as compiled by Trade Reading Order, though to get a full reading order it may be good to also go to the reading order for Grant Morrison’s Batman run.

Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1 – 4 (Mr. Miracle series introduces certain concepts of FC even though released during Infinite Crisis)

Batman #676-681
DC Universe #0 (A better prelude than Countdown)
Final Crisis #1
Final Crisis: Requiem #1
Final Crisis #2
Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge # 1-3
Final Crisis #3
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1-2
Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #1-5
Final Crisis: Revelations #1-5
Final Crisis: Resist #1
Final Crisis: Submit #1
Final Crisis #4-5
Final Crisis: Secret Files #1
Batman #682-683
Final Crisis #6-7

I personally am not reading the entire list and am instead just reading the main Final Crisis miniseries, as well as the Requiem, Resist, Submit, and Secret Files one-hots, as well as Rogues Revenge and Superman Beyond.  These were easily acquired and had good reviews, so I though they were a worthwhile addition.  I have already read the Batman run, but I may go back and read 681-683 just to make sure I’m not totally lost.  This mainly means I’m just ditching the longer Legion of Three Worlds and Revelations, as well as all countdown and post-crisis books.

Have you already read Final Crisis?  Any thoughts?

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