The Complete DC Rebirth Reading Order

Ok, we lied, this isn’t a reading order exactly.  Instead, it just a little set of pointers on how to read DC’s Rebirth event as the issues come out.  While most people seem to think that this is relatively self-explanatory, DC’s lack of design sense has actually made it a little difficult to parse out exactly what books are what and which ones to go at first.  To try and fix this a bit, we have put together a few key points to keep in mind when trying to get through the beginning of the Rebirth books.

  • Start by properly ending the New 52.  This essentially means try to get to the real end of most of the arcs so that you are starting fresh.  This, most importantly, means reading the last few issues of Superman(ending on #52) and the final two issues of Justice League(ending on 50 with the Darkseid War).  This will give you some of the most important final events that will be carried over(in a sense) to the Rebirth of the involved characters.


  • First issue to read: DC Rebirth #1.  This is going to act as a sort of bridge between the two universes, and is sort of a very, very brief Flashpoint, Final Crisis, or Convergence type story.  This will set you up for a few comics even more fully, especially Batman, Superman, and, most importantly, The Flash.
  • Read Rebirth #1 for each title before you read the title’s actual number one.  Now this is where things actually get confusing.  All of the first issues say Rebirth #1(except for Action Comics and DC Comics), except the Rebirth issue itself says Rebirth larger and slightly lower.  This was a real marketing flaw in the DC plan, especially since the Rebirth #1 issue for each title is really just the first issue of that new title(except in a couple cases, which we will get to below).  So, for example, read Flash Rebirth 1 then read The Flash #1, and then you are on to the next numbers in the series.  If you are confused about what one is what, look inside to the credits page.  The regular #1s do not say Rebirth in their actual title, though it still says Rebirth on the cover.   FML.
  • The titles that do not have their own Rebirth title are ones where the characters are repeated.  So, for example, Action Comics and Detective Comics do not have their own Rebirth issue since Batman Rebirth 1 and Superman Rebirth #1 cover both, respectively, as well as Batman and Superman.  So, for example, you can go ahead and read Superman Rebirth #1 and then read Action Comics 957 and Superman #1.
  • The first issue for Action Comics is 957, and the first issue for Detective Comics is 934
  • The main titles are bi-weekly now, so you get two a month.  Wonder Woman, Detective Comics, Superman, Action Comics and many others are coming twice a week.  Some titles are doing somewhat parallel storylines, like Wonder Woman, so they jump back to different stories on odd weeks.
  • Not all the first issues or Rebirth issues are out yet, so it will take a few months for them all to be released.

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  1. Johnny

    I’m so confused about all this. I have Batman Rebirth #1 in big letters across the cover and then I have Batman Rebirth #1 in a smaller font across the top along w/ DC Universe. So which ones goes w/ the DC Rebirth ending w/ Batman finding the Joe Boxer Button?

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    1. vertigology

      So the order it goes in is Batman Rebirth #1 then Batman #1, which also has a Rebirth heading. Both the Batman and the Detective Comics book will deal with the three jokers, but its not the main storyline yet. I think that was more of a teaser in the end of Rebirth.


  2. Josh

    DC Universe Rebirth #1
    DC Universe
    Batman Rebirth #1
    DC Universe Rebirth
    Batman #1
    DC Universe Rebirth
    Batman #2


  3. Astrok

    The titles that say “DC Universe” in addition to “Rebirth” on the banner are the first title of the ongoing series. The ones without are the one-shot Rebirth titles and should be read first.


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