iZombie TV Show Trailer

While Marvel Studios is redefining how they can transfer their properties to the screen, DC seems bent on destroying some of their most treasured characters.  Instead of taking characters like John Constantine and porting them over to channels known for their quality like HBO and AMC, they are repeatedly porting over their brands to network television.  This has nearly destroyed Hellblazer where the Fox show is embarrassingly tame in comparison to the comic book history.  This is the effect that has also happened to The Flash and Arrow on the CW, though they may end up with a pass as they really did find the audience that made shows like Smallville quite a hit.  But now that they have released the trailer for iZombie, we really see how willing they are to destroy their brand for some brief television fame.

The show is a CW retread of lightly funny nonsense, completely betraying the premise of the show.  Instead of really being an ironic take on Scooby Doo and modern romance and gender relationships, it is an embarrassing procedural that utilizes silly jokes and special effects to tell one of most conventional stories possible.  Its not that we need a serious and violent version of iZombie, but at least try to bring over its uniqueness that made it a success.  This is incredibly true when paired with the recent announcements of Vertigo’s Lucifer bringing brought to television, except now a police procedural where the Devil simply helps detectives solve crimes.  We are waiting for more concrete announcements about Preacher coming over to AMC, and announcement that has falsely come in varying capacities several times in the past.  If DC wants to see their television shows enhance rather than just mine their properties, they need to try and institute quality and to focus in on new media platforms and premium channels.


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