Complete List of 2015 Free Comic Book Day Comics

This year’s celebration of geekdom, Free Comic Book Day, is just a couple days away!  For those who don’t know, this is a day when your local comic book shop will be giving away a number of free comics sent in from publishers, and they usually have give aways beyond that, signings, and sales.  Your local shop will likely have a line around the building waiting for it to open as it has become an event rivaling Black Friday.  The comics themselves are often tied to major events, samplings of a companies different titles, and a lot of interesting flair.  Here is the complete list of what is offered.

You will notice that they are divided into different categories, which are Gold and Silver.  These refer to the difference in “promotionability,” meaning the Gold books are just mainly from mainstream publishers that will be higher profile.

This year’s selection has a number of interesting options.  DC’s Divergence book is going to be interesting, and vital to the story, for anyone following their DCU-wide event Convergence.  The same is true for Marvel’s Secret Wars #0 book that will tie to their universe-destroying event.  The most interesting books for us on this list include the promotional book for Fight Club 2, a release that is two decades in the making from Dark Horse.  Dark Circle comics, a new division of Archie, also promises to be interesting as their new line of books has been pleasantly surprising.

The Comics

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