Jamie Anne Allman and Derek Wilson Join Cast of AMC’s ‘Preacher’

We have been watching eagerly as news unveils slowly about the Preacher television series being brought to us by Seth Rogan and AMC.  The main cast has been largely set, but new names are coming in consistently.

The newest accounts are that Rectify’s Derek Wilson and The Killing’s Jamie Anne Allman are also coming onto the Preacher pilot episode, and they are set to be recurring characters.

It is exciting to continually see information about this series coming out, firming it up more and more as a real possibility.  This is especially important with the more mainstream and compromised versions of television adaptations that DC has taken in recent years, especially when it comes to Constantine and iZombie.  Hopefully this will be the first series that takes a Vertigo property in the premium adult television direction that it needs to go.

Interested in checking out Preacher before the series starts?

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