Vertigo Miniseries The Names and Wolf Moon Ending This Month (May)

Two popular miniseries on Vertigo are coming to a close this month with their final issues.  The Names, a complicated crime series from Peter Milligan, comes to an end of its nine issue run, and Wolf Moon, the werewolf re-imagining from Colin Bunn, ends on issue #6.  Both series have come to critical acclaim, drawing on the recent tradition of great Vertigo miniseries, along with titles like The Wake, Trillium, and Bodies.  Wolf Moon has taken the more bloody horror turn and tells the story of a werewolf that actually jumps from body to body, which makes hunting it just that much more difficult.  The Names follows a woman as she investigates an elaborate, global organized crime ring that was responsible for faking the suicide of her husband.

Check out both books while they are still available!

Names #9

Wolf Moon #6

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