Complete List of DC’s Convergence #6 Variant Covers (Image Gallery)

Variant Cover - Steve Rude

Variant Cover – Steve Rude

We are already at issue #6 in a DC mega-event that many are calling lackluster at best.  Drawing together different DC universes and periods of time, our heroes of past and present will have to duke it out under a force field dome.  The main series is ramping up to a close, though we are well over the hump and seeing some major headway with today’s, May 13th, release of issue #6.  As with all of the other issues of the main miniseries, and each tie-in, there are multiple variant covers available for the serious collectors.  It is almost surprising to see this many on the sixth issue of a weekly miniseries( four in total), but this is DC’s main bread and butter while they move from New York to Burbank.  This is still fewer variant covers than each issue of Secret Wars seems to be getting.

Each variant cover is listed with its name and the name of the artist.

Interested in picking up issue #6 of Convergence?

Convergence (2015-) #6

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