Complete List of DC Convergence #7 Variant Covers (Image Gallery)

4575114-07-variantWhether or not you have loved or hated DC’s Convergence(I’m betting on hate), the miniseries is completely redefining the universe and characters that we love.  As issue #7 comes out, and we can see the eighth and final issue on the horizon, we know that at the very least these issues will be packing back issue bins for years to come.  As with all the past issues, the Convergence #7 variant covers are numerous, though several are legitimately great.

Here is a complete list of the variant covers that are now available, and it will likely continue to be the complete list as it is unlikely that things like convention variant covers will be released after the fact for this issue.

4575114-07-variant 4575115-07-variant 4575117-07-variant 4575116-07

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