Complete List of DC Convergence #8 Variant Covers (Image Gallery)

by Tony S. Daniel and Mark Morales

by Tony S. Daniel and Mark Morales

So its finally here!  The eighth and final issue of DC’s largest event since the launch of The New 52.  Many of us have been waiting intensely for this Wednesday, not because we are just on our seats to see how it ends, but because we know that next week our titles will be back to normal and this insufferable Beyond Thunderdome crossover will finally be over.  While I always enjoy a philosophical treaty on the multiverse, that is not what we got, and instead a trite series of stories about the same heroes in different timelines battling it out.  Yawn.

But that being said, DC’s Convergence has had a nice round of variant cover releases for collectors looking for some great artistry.  This last issue again has four options, which are less than we actually expected for the final release.  The gallery below has them all including their title and the name of the creator who did it.

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