Complete Fight Club 2 Variant Covers

Today, May 27th, one of the most anticipated sequels in contemporary literature, has finally started its release.  Fight Club defined the 1990s anti-consumerist anti-capitalism, helped to color an entire generation of dissent, challenged masulinity, tribalism, ethics, and modernity, and showed us a shift in the global world of fiction and social expression.  After a whole career of iconoclastic writing, Chuck Palanhuik has now finally released Fight Club 2.  This time it is a comic book.  Fight Club 2 is being released as a ten-issue miniseries, all coming with unique art from some of comics most acclaimed creators.

Today’s Fight Club #1 comes in three essential variant covers, each done by its own unique artist and worth its place in a collection.  The gallery below has each of these variant covers, each with its title and the artist who created it.

There are 2 comments

  1. Ray

    I’m very curious about this comic. Chuck Palahniuk is often overrated, and full of shock value with little substance, but his books are so slim and readable and you can’t help but check them out. I wonder if he’s a good comic scriptwriter…


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