Complete Collection of Archie #666 Variant Covers (Image Gallery)

So this is it!  Archie, one of the longest running American comic book series has come to an end.  Closing out a fifty year run with issue #666(yeah, I also thought this might be some kind of Sabrina “ode to the dark lord”), this final issue sees Archie Andrews as having to furiously clean up some disaster he created in the halls of Riverdale High if he is to not be expelled.  Yeah, it is probably time to see some changes.  This is the end because next month we are seeing the Archie #1 reboot where Mark Waid and Fiona Staples will be reimagining the character and bringing him up to date so that the comic can be more representative of the current high-schooler experience.  This final issue, however, is a nice reminder of the kind of Americana that was have experienced for the last fifty years.  On the collecting end, Archie comics has been always willing to jump on any opportunity to sell you a collection of variant covers, just as we saw with Life With Archie and Afterlife With Archie.

So here is the collection of Archie #666 variant covers, all with the name of the cover and the artist who produced it(which, of course, are all classic Archie artist Dan Parent).  You will notice that each different cover has the name of an old Archie comic title, which is a kind of fun ode to the past.

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