Complete List of Skottie Young Baby Variant Covers for Marvel Star Wars Comics (Image Gallery)

The Marvel Star Wars have been dominating the sales charts, and why woulnd’t they with a new movie on the horizon and a new continuity at play?  Now the new titles are beginning to pile up and they are doing a number of promotional covers for each issue, some drawing on their bullpen of talent.  The best known and watched of these is Skottie Young, whose Baby Variant Covers take Marvel characters and age them down to squeaking toddlers.  This is especially fun with the Star Wars line-up, and now that they have been going for several months we have several of his famous first-issue variant covers.  We have included all of them up to June 2015, but if and when a new Star Wars book is released with a Skottie Young Baby Variant Cover we will update the page.  This will happen after the coming Star Wars: Shattered Empire from Marvel in September

Interested in getting started with Marvel’s new Star Wars universe?  Start with Jason Aaron’s opening run on the flagship Star Wars title!

Star Wars Vol. 1

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