Complete DC Comics Joker Variant Covers (Image Gallery)

As DC gets back into the swing of its regular series in the post-Convergence DCU, they are returning to their monthly themed variant cover offerings with one celebrating the history of Batman’s favorite villain.  This series of Joker variant covers are done by a range of artists providing different interpretations of that frightening grin.  The entire series has been overshadowed by the Batgirl #41 cover, that showed Barbara Gordon being attacked by the Joker.  This is a call back to Alan Moore’s famous and controversial Batman: The Killing Joke, where the Joker shoots and paralyzes her before taking sexually explicit photos of her while she is bleeding.  The creators of the current Batgirl series asked to have this cover removed both because it is suggestive of sexual violence against women, and simply because it is the opposite of the tone that they want associated with this series.

All of these covers are sure to be popular this month, so which ones are you picking up?  Each image has the artist and book title listed.

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