Complete Gallery of DC’s July Teen Titans Go Variant Covers (Image Gallery)

Bringing it to a little bit of a lighter tone for July, DC is issuing variant covers for all of their DCU comics with the Teen Titans Go theme.  One that is notably missing from this list if Batgirl #42, which is likely dropped from the list after the controversy around the violent Joker variant cover on issue #41.  These 23 covers are meant to promote the cartoon and are a fun rendition from the past, each one tying pretty close to the characters in their books.  What is nice is that DC releases these for the exact same price as their regular covers, so you can just pick up the books you are already reading with the cover you prefer.  This is a monthly tradition from DC and it is one we hope continues, though it would be nice to see it stray from simple promotions of whatever event they are having at the moment.

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  1. Douglas

    Back in Sept, I took my 4yo son to the comic book store. He hands me the GreenArrow comic with TeenTitansGo on the cover. It looked like a hero comic for his age.
    To the casual reader, I didn’t know there was a special month of TTG covers in July.
    So, I get home and see my excited son looking through this comic, only to see the cover doesn’t reflect what’s inside. Dead body on page 3, bloody room page 4. Yeah, 4yo is looking at it all.
    DC Comic writers on Twitter responded as if I should have known better.
    Am I wrong to conclude DC didn’t think this through? I felt there should have been a clear disclaimer. Who questions TeenTitansGo?
    DC Comics has not contacted me back.


    1. vertigology

      So the Teen Titans Go variant covers were just a promotional collector’s cover, they had nothing to do with the inside of the book. We can certainly see how you would be mistaken, but with the comics market the way it is you really have to get deeper in to the book to know whether it is age appropriately. Thankfully, DC Comics actually puts an age rating right on the front of the book so you can see if it is more of a “Teen” book, which their entire superhero line is. Teen Titans Go do have their own comic, but you will have to look for what the title on the book says.

      We personally are happy to see so many literary and mature themed comics, but we also know that there is a lack of well written children’s books as well.


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