‘Southern Bastards’ TV Series Announced at FX Network


The groundbreaking Southern Bastards comic, which has helped lead the way for what many are calling the Image Renaissance, is now coming to the small screen.  The series may be in good hands as well as it appears that producer Scott Rudin has optioned the property, who has been well known for the films True Grit and The Social Network.  Creators Jason Aaron and Jason Latour are going to be staying incredibly close to the development of the show as executive producers.  With a comic like Southern Bastards, which shifts the main character often, there is a lot of opportunity to create a new kind of television narrative.  FX, though not having the freedom of Netflix or HBO, has shown taht it can handle stronger content in recent years.

Little is known about the show itself as only very early reports have come in, but it will likely start by focusing on Earl Tubbs and his return to the deep south.  With the next arc really focusing on the ‘homecoming” theme, which is something that will likely be shared in its adaptation.

Interested in getting started with Southern Bastards?

Southern Bastards Volume 1: Here Was a Man

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