Historic Mexican Church Getting Full Restoration to be Featured in ‘Preacher’ TV Series [video]

Seth Rogen’s golden dream, to make Garth Ennis’ famed Vertigo comic Preacher into a television series, has been given the greenlight by AMC.  With that news they have been releasing almost complete casting line-ups and even shots from the set, courtesy of Rogen’s Twitter.  Now we are seeing that they are attempting to give the southern Bible belt feel that held the comic’s aesthetics a bit of authenticity by working to restore a classic icon of Mexican religiousness.

Built in Lamy in 1926, the church is one of the best standing relics of a certain architectural style that has become iconic for the area.  This is true in the first issue of the comic, where the church that Jesse Custer is overseeing and eventually decimates is in that classic southern style.  The church itself stopped seeing parishioners in 1994, but after AMC bankrolls the full renovation it will be open for business once again.  After shooting the scenes of Custer being possessed by the Genesis demon hybrid and looking to murder God are shot, of course.  While the producers are reworking a lot in the inside to make it functional, they are going elsewhere for exteriors.



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